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We provide appointments across the country closer to your home or to your works place. If you have an appointment with one of our medical experts and would like to amend, change or discuss your appointment please call our office for assistance on 0161 4133470 or email

Pre-Medical Questionnaire

Pre-Medical Questionnaires  helps to provide a valid information  for the  expert  to understand the accident circumstances , injury details , work circumstances and about  home restrictions before the consultation . This aids the expert to prepare the report and send them to  your solicitors  soon after your appointment for your  claim to settle quicker .

We request our claimants to fill in a pre-medical questionnaire before their appointment. Please fill in all the information and bring the form to your appointment or E-mail it to . Alternatively you could also speak to one of our assistants and fill the questionnaire over the phone.


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Please contact us on 0161 4133470 or email for more information on Pre-medical Questionnaires.

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