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Appointment Booking (C-Diary)

We work in partnership with Coral Technologies innovative Case management and Appointment Booking system.  C-Diary provides both legal and medical professionals with a readily accessible case management system.  The progress of clients can be tracked at all stages from the initial instruction, through to booking appointments for examinations and receipt of the completed reports and invoices.

Our case management system could be integrated with your existing systems by “web service” for smooth data transfer.  Coral Reports are easy to complete and they meet the latest requirements set out by the Ministry of Justice (CPR compliant).  Experts can complete each report while they examine the claimant. It is fully MedCo Compliant.

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Our data centres are secure and compliant with ISO 27001

All the data are securely located in UK and the data centres are accredited with UKAS ISO 27001.  The software is secure and is compliant with ISO 27001.

Security Matters

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